We’re happy to report our dog with separation anxiety is spending long amounts of time happily by himself.

February 6, 2020

Sally is wonderful! We adopted a tripod pit mix who was about 10 months old at the time. After a little time with us, we noticed he had separation anxiety. We had tried some training on our own with little success, but when Sally stepped in, it was a game changer!

She spent the time to come to our home and work with us to learn how to communicate with our eager-to-learn, food motivated pup. We worked with her over many months, tailoring training protocols for our dog to get him where he needed to be. Sally was both patient with us and our dog and really listened and adjusted as he began to progress. She’s an incredible wealth of knowledge and is only continuing to grow that base, so she was excited to implement new training methods whenever we could.

We’re happy to report our dog is spending long amounts of time happily by himself, and it’s all thanks to Sally. We can’t wait to work with her more to continue to help our dog live his best life!

Kathryn A., Chicago

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