K9 Nose Work Videos

Here’s a few K9 Nose Work® videos. What is K9 Nose Work?

1. Cassie doing a fence search. These hides are always a challenge for her because the scent channels down the length of the rail and there’s little to hold the scent in place. She has to work hard to find this one.

2. Cassie doing an advanced box puzzle. A box puzzle is a fun game in which you put a treat inside a small box. Then put that box into a larger box, and that one into an even larger box, then shut the lid and let the dog “have at it!” A great way to build drive to hunt and find scent.

3. This video was after the preceding box puzzle. She wanted to do another puzzle. When I didn’t create one for her right away, she picked up the box and just held it. It was so cute, I did another puzzle for her.

4. The following videos are students of mine currently training. Some are preparing to trial. Others are just having fun.


Ella, 11 years old, Pit mix:

Scruffy, 12 years old, Scottie mix:

Po, 3 years old, Australian Cattle Dog mix :

Gina, 5 years old, German Shepherd Dog:

Oliver, Cocker Spaniel:

Lucy, Lab mix: