Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, CSAT, CNWI

Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, ANWI

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge and Skills Assessed, Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Certified Nose Work Instructor

Are your neighbors leaving you nasty notes about your dog barking while you are at work?

Are you tired of coming home from work and spending 30 minutes cleaning up after your dog, whether it’s potty training accidents or destruction of property?

I can help!

My name is Sally Bushwaller. I’m a dog trainer, specializing in reducing separation anxiety and aggression. You can train your dog in obedience all day long, but if your dog is anxious and/or fearful, no amount of obedience training will help your dog. First address your dog’s anxiety. When that has been reduced, the obedience will be a breeze.

  • I will help your dog learn to become responsible for his/her own actions with positive reinforcement.
  • Empower your dog to learn to make good choices on his/her own without force or intimidation.
  • Relieve stress both for you and your dog!
  • Leave your dog home without worry or guilt.
  • I understand separation anxiety and how to alleviate its fallout by customizing training techniques for your dog.

Look through my website to see how I can help you and your dog meet your goals.