Our pup now has way more confidence than before!

February 6, 2020

We cannot say enough great things about Sally! She is extremely knowledgeable and taught us about using positive reinforcement to correct our English Bulldog’s laundry list of issues.

Our pup now has way more confidence than before, and we have seen such an improvement in her behavior.

Our dog was TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner and tape measure, and with Sally’s help, we have seen SO MUCH PROGRESS! Our pup still has a long way to go, but Sally provided us with all of the tools we need, so now it is just up to us to continue to work with our dog.

Sally taught us to read our dog’s behavior, and our session’s brought us closer together as a family.

Sally is always on time, and she is flexible and easy to work with. We cannot recommend her enough! Thanks, Sally!

Taylor H., Chicago

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