Sally helped my dog have a happier life and taught me how to make that possible.

February 6, 2020

I can’t thank Sally enough for working with me and my young Dachshund Vinnie.   Vinnie came to me as a one year old, highly anxious puppy.  He wouldn’t walk more than three houses away from my home.  He was aggressive towards strangers and other dogs. He wouldn’t come when I called.  I can’t say that all of those problems are completely resolved but Vinnie now walks around the block and half-way down the alley. (He balks at passing the rear entrance of the vet’s so we turn around and head back home).  Sally taught me how to handle approaching and passing strangers.  The only time Vinnie barks now is if we are caught by surprise rounding the corner and encounter a stranger.  I still avoid other dogs if I can, but Vinnie is no longer barking at them across the street.  Sally also taught me how to get Vinnie to follow me up to the porch. (We no longer have stand-offs on the sidewalk nor do I just pick him up and carry him inside).  I am very grateful to Sally for helping my beautiful little dog have a happier life and for teaching me how to make that possible.

Louise J., Chicago

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