Sally helped reduce Penny’s fear and anxiety

February 27, 2018

Sally has been an incredible help to us and our rescue pup, Penny. We called her after Penny had been showing signs of increasing anxiety and stress for several months. From the moment Sally walked in, she helped us to start identifying some of Penny’s issues. She taught us tons of useful and creative training techniques. One of Sally’s greatest strengths is that she can come up with creative and unique training ideas on the fly. But most importantly, she helped us understand Penny better and what could be causing her stress and anxiety. This is what really made Sally and her training techniques work. Throughout the course of our training sessions, Sally applied both technical training techniques with practical, real-life, training techniques that we could apply to our daily routines with Penny.

After working with Sally and using the skills that she taught us, Penny has improved drastically. We understand her better. And we have the tools and knowledge to continue to work with her and reduce her anxiety and stress in various situations.

In addition to her knowledge and skill with dogs, Sally is friendly, patient, and professional. She was wonderful to work with and we would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to work on training, stress/anxiety reduction, nose work, or any other issues you may need to work on with your dog.

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