Growly Dog class yields big improvements in Fletcher

February 27, 2018

We rescued an adorable 4 year old Beagle-Terrier mix who seemed totally well-adjusted according to the shelter and the foster parents, and based on his first 5 days with us… but after that, everything changed. Fletcher started exhibiting severe anxiety, incessant barking, and leash reactivity. Walks with him became a nightmare, sitting at home hearing him bark nonstop wasn’t much better.

After doing some research, we reached out to Sally. She taught us so much in our first session with her, that we were able to observe significant changes in Fletcher at home after just one session (this is not an exaggeration, literally ONE session). He quickly learned that a positive way to get attention from us was to sit politely and look, instead of barking. We learned about how to help him work through his “zoomies”. We all learned to play Fetch and Tug of War better, and Fletcher became a little less nervous.

Then we joined Sally’s Growly Pups class to work on his reactivity towards other dogs – and it has been life-changing. Don’t get me wrong- Fletch is still no angel, but he’s thinking about his choices now, he’s communicating his discomfort instead of just losing his mind.  Equally importantly, we’ve gained confidence in our ability to read him, and how to handle him when a dog surprises us by coming around the corner. We no longer spend walks dreading the moment that we see a dog across the street, and then profusely shouting apologies on behalf of our little beast, instead we carry treats and trust in the strategies we’ve learned.  Overall, dog ownership has become a lot more enjoyable since Sally entered our lives.

Sally will teach you not only the “how” but the “why” behind it, which I think has the overall impact of making you a more intelligent dog-owner, and all of her methods are research and evidence based. If you have your own little terror, and you feel like there’s no hope, please know, help is here. Her name is Sally. And you WILL see results, because Sally knows dogs.

I know we still have tons of work to do, but we wanted to express our appreciation for how far we’ve already come! Our very anxious pup is becoming slightly less so as he’s gaining new confidence :)



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