You’d be hard pressed to find a trainer more knowledgeable and truly dedicated to your dog’s well-being.

February 6, 2020

We have a 1 year old Maltese/Coton mix who suddenly started showing aggression towards strangers so we needed help trying to solve what’s going on. Sally was an extremely knowledgeable, thorough and caring trainer and true expert in dog behavior. She taught us so much I didn’t know even though I had done mountains of online research before deciding to finally engage a professional trainer.

I’d say one of the most valuable things she taught us was how to understand him and his subtle canine communication signals. Within a week we had him politely sitting quietly to “tell us” what he wanted and communicating with us in ways I didn’t realize we could communicate. I understood him so much better and already at that point my family remarked he was like a different dog.

What was also very valuable was learning some of the things we were doing that were most likely making his aggression worse (unknowingly to us). She took the time to explain dog psychology and physiology and it was very helpful in adjusting our own behavior to better set him up for success.

She gave very thorough reports and exercises after each session so we could continue to work with him between sessions as well as very valuable referrals to the best vet behaviorists, pet sitters that could handle “problem doggies” and a groomer that can also work with dogs with aggression issues.

I recommend Sally 100% and feel you’d be hard pressed to find a trainer more knowledgeable and truly dedicated to your dog’s well-being, not to mention how much teaching of the humans this all involves. She’s very patient. She’s also punctual and dependable. Our sessions always started on time.

Marissa L., Chicago

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