Milo was having some trouble

October 15, 2015

We have a 7 year old Labradoodle named Milo, who has always been a sweet, but high energy and a bit anxious.  We worked with several trainers when he was a puppy including some one-on-one sessions where we tried and failed to address some weird repetitive behaviors. Milo was having some trouble adjusting to new infant twins in the house, barking whenever they cried, and always hovering around them.  We asked for some help getting Milo adjusted to having babies around, and with his weird behaviors, which had gotten worse with all the changes.  Sally helped us through our baby coping issues in short order, and referred us (and came with us to the appointment!) to an excellent behaviorist who helped treat Milo’s anxiety issues with meds.  The best gift Sally gave us, however, was a really great understanding of how Milo thinks, and how we can interact with him to encourage him to make good decisions moving forward.  It has changed the way we related to Milo entirely, and we’re all a much happier family.  I wish I had found Sally when Milo was a puppy!

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