By Sally Bushwaller, CPDT-KSA, CNWI

This book was just completed and is available for purchase for $9.99,  as a Kindle and PDF e-book.

Separation anxiety is as rough on the owner as it is on the dog! I wanted to share the technique I have used with success, with people and their dogs with separation anxiety, because I know how overwhelming and stressful this problem can be for you and your dog.

Most dog owners focus on teaching their dogs obedience skills in an attempt to train their dogs to be better behaved. But separation anxiety is not about training obedience skills, it’s about anxiety. And unless you address your dog’s anxiety, you could train your dog 20 hours a day but your dog will still be anxious. First address the anxiety! Then the obedience skills will be a breeze for your dog to learn.

If you take the time to work through the process described in this book, your dog will at the least improve in his house behavior and at best get you off of lock-down. Owners of dogs with severe separation anxiety often times feel like they are in jail!