July 30

Video 13

My goal in the video today was to teach Cassie that she could make me come back by offering a CS or doing HEAD DOWN while I was out of sight. Until today, I was in sight and she was controlling me by lowering her head or doing a CS to get me to return and reinforce. I’ve tried to do what I did today a couple other days, but I had to wait too long for her to do something. She did pretty well, but we’ll have to repeat this a couple times I think.

Dave was gone again, so they were alone. The girls were with me part of the day. But they were alone for 3 hours. When I approached the back door, I heard one bark and some whining, and no pawing of the door. Not bad for being totally alone. Cassie surfed the salami I forgot to put away and ate about a half pound. I was worried it might affect her performance at the K9 Nose Work Odor Recognition Test, but it didn’t phase her. She passed both the Birch and Anise ORTs.

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