July 30

Video 14

I moved into the kitchen because I wanted to work the back door, the way we go in and out 99% of the time. I also suspect that Cassie spends most of her time here anyway. I will eventually go back and do more work on the bed in the living room, but am focusing on the kitchen bed right now.

For today’s video, I began working on triggers. A list of separation anxiety triggers, listed from lowest importance to highest importance for her would be:

  • 0. Putting on makeup, which I rarely do and isn’t always an indicator
  • 1. Turning on the stereo or TV
  • 2. Closing the upstairs door.
  • 3. Putting on shoes
  • 4. Putting on a coat
  • 5. Getting gear ready for class
  • 6. Picking up Purse
  • 7. Keys
  • 8. Piling up my gear on the table by the back door
  • 9. Walking towards the back door while holding any of the aforementioned items.

I did not follow my own advice and start with the easiest trigger. I started with keys because it was easy and I was being lazy! She did pretty well for her first trigger day. I will keep repeating keys until she is calm when I move towards the back door.

The girls were totally alone for about 2 hours while I went to a private. There was no barking or pawing when I came home. Progress!

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