July 18

// video 1 //

Cassie is skilled at long downs, so I didn’t have to start at the very beginning and shape her to go to her mat and lay down.

I started out today doing basic Relaxation Protocol. I was trying to do it with both dogs, but focusing on Cassie. Hope is good for most of the video.

You will see I do not at any time tell Cassie to down or stay. Doing this is her choice. If she chose to get up, she could, I wouldn’t stop her. But she would also no longer earn a click and treat, which she desparately wants to hear! So she happily chooses to stay.

Cassie already knows head down earns her a CT, but I had to refresh her memory as I hadn’t done it in a while. I wanted her to maintain head down as I moved about. If she lifts her head, I wait for head down before returning.

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