August 7

Video 20

Cassie had a busy day today. We went tracking this morning in anticipation of getting into the AKC Tracking Invitational–keep your fingers crossed we are chosen. She was fabulous and had no trouble crossing the various streets. The Invitational is not a straight VST test. It is more like a combo of VST (there is no moment of truth turn) and TDX, so there is some high cover. We have not worked high cover in a long time. Consequently, Cassie had a bit of trouble deciding to enter the cover, but ultimately did and what a wonderful job she did. She is awesome!!!

She also helped me with a couple privates today. She is invaluable for my work with reactive dogs and has helped rehabilitate many of them.

Tonight we did video 20. It was pouring rain, so I decided not to work on starting to go outside, my original plan. Instead we worked on triggers again, or more specifically keys. It went well, although she was clearly keeping a close eye on me when I picked up the keys, put them in the door, hid behind the open back door and moved the door a little as if to close it. She was successful and ended up putting her head down to get me to come back.

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