August 6

Video 19

Today my goal was to get head down, then build it’s duration while I was out of sight. I will gradually increase the duration of maintaining head down. Right now, I reinforce so often that she is relaxed but not totally, because she’s usually watching for the next treat. As the duration increases, she will start to become more relaxed, and may begin to close her eyes.

The girls were alone quite a lot today, three separate times. The first two times, Dave was home. The last time they were alone. When I came home the first time, Cassie was more agitated than she has been lately and barked twice. So I did today’s video after she settled down. The other two times she was alone, she was quiet when I came home.

I’ve also noticed she is spending a lot more time on the mat now, even when I am there. When I’m working in the kitchen, she will always be voluntarily on her mat, usually with her head down.

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