August 5

Video 18

The girls were not alone today.

In today’s video I’m still allowing her to control me and get me to return with head down or a calming signal.

Once again, I actively work the back door. First with it closed, and then with it open and me out of sight. When the inside door is open, I begin working the screen door, opening it and allowing it to shut. I don’t click until the door shuts. She does pick her head up once when I opened the door far and it took extra time to close. This trial seemed too hard for her, so I made subsequent trials easier. For these trials, I wait for head down, then engage the door, then CT.

I realized today that both girls are much less reactive to noises around the house. They are not too bad generally, but are more reactive at night. Hope is a copy cat and feeds off of Cassie’s energy. When Cassie is calm, Hope is calm.

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