August 3

Video 16

They were only alone in the evening. They were again alone at first and then Dave came home. They were quiet when I came home.

In the video today, I’m trying something different. I’m leaving and going out of sight even if Cassie does not have her head down. Then I watch my monitor and if she does a head down or calming signal I CT. I want her to realize she can control me and get me to return by putting her head down or doing a calming signal. I’ve had to shape this a little. I move out of the room, but stay in sight until I get head down, click, return and treat. I do this a couple times, then move out of sight to wait for head down or calming signal.

I also begin moving towards the back door, the main door I go in and out of the house.

You’ll notice that she gets up to get treats a couple times but doesn’t leave the mat. That is her choice to stay. I haven’t told her to down or stay. She is there of her own free will. She is choosing to spend more time on her mat.

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