August 24

Video 28

They were again alone for several hours. I didn’t get home from class until 10:30. Cassie again reacted strongly. But Dave said she did minimal pacing tonight. Perhaps she is starting to return to the level she was at before my injury. Unfortunately, I am having arthroscopic surgery on Monday and hope she does not lose ground again. I know we will not train Monday, but I may find a way to do something with her on Tuesday.

Today’s video started with more backwards work. She did much better with this today. Half the session was backwards work, then I incorporated some front facing work but also some out of sight. When I went out of sight, I did it in the room that only has one entrance, so she knew I couldn’t go anywhere else. I went into the room and closed the door. The first time she was fine. The second time, Hope pawed the door and Cassie had a hard time settling after that, but finally did. The last time, as I was leaving, she stood up. I came back into sight and waited for a down again, then left. Again she stood up. Again I came back into sight and waited for a down again, then left. The third time I got out of sight and closed the door, she stood up, but stayed there and eventually laid down again.

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