August 20

Video 25

I was gone for 2 hours this morning. Dave was home so the girls were not alone. But when I came home Cassie had a full-on barking and pawing at the door fit. I believe this was caused by a couple things. The girls have had almost no exercise since I wrecked my knee on the 9th, so they have a lot of pent up energy. I have put Cassie on the treadmill twice a week, but I don’t like to do it more than that as she has come up lame in the past when I’ve put her on the treadmill too often.

Also, because of my knee, we didn’t do much training until the other day. This just proves to me how important it is to do this procedure every day. Missing as many days as I did set her back.

I also feel I am pushing her too hard. I don’t think she is really ready for hard-core triggers yet. So I am going back to working on building duration while I am out of sight. And I’m not going to use the back door for training for a couple days. I will work on leaving the room and closing the door, not just going out of sight.

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