August 18

Video 24

The girls were alone for several hours while I went downtown. There were 3-4 barks when I came home.

They came along with me on my two sessions this afternoon, and Cassie was a decoy for the second session. When I returned home, after they ate, we did our session. I focused on getting duration out of sight by the back door. I opened the screen door several times, letting it close on it’s own and reinforcing. Then I began to briefly step outside. She struggled slightly with this, but ended up doing well.

We got some great news today. Cassie was picked, in a blind draw, to be an entrant in the AKC Tracking Invitational in Clermont, Kentucky. I am so excited. All Champion Tracking dogs who qualified between January 1, 2005 through June 30, 2011 are eligible to enter. Only 10 dogs are picked. They had 46 We were drawn #3. We’ll be running on Saturday, Sept. 17th. Yeah!!!!!!

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