August 13

Video 22

You will notice a gap of several days since the last video. I wrecked my knee and am on crutches. I did today’s video with difficulty because I didn’t want to lose any ground. So Cassie got a little unwanted break, unwanted because she loves to do this training and frequently asks me to train her.

There was one day this week when I had to go out and the girls were alone. When I returned, Cassie barked several times. A slight set-back. But I am attributing this to the fact that she got no exercise all week because of my knee, not did she get to do any fun training. So she was a little stressed.

To get her back in the swing of things, today we did out of sight work to get her back in the swing of things. I started by going into the pantry, then the hallway and finally towards the back door. The last trial I did actually open the screen door and step outside for a second, then return. She maintained a calm head down the whole time. Unfortunately the video camera ran out of juice and turned itself off.

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